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Diversity Matters

Forever moving forward, understanding and representing the diversity of our global business environments will be important for every corporation. While the definition of diversity can vary by culture, geography, industry, and company, one theme remains constant: having a workforce that represents an increasingly diverse consumer base opens the door for greater business opportunities.


Fostering innovation, growth, and a multitude of positive business outcomes, superior diverse talent enriches our clients’ leadership capabilities and is a key driver of success in today’s demanding market. Whether the end goal is improved business productivity or achieving equality, securing a representative workforce ensures you have the talent mix necessary to maintain a competitive advantage.


Building diversity into your organization starts by attracting talent with diverse perspectives and experiences to develop an inclusive environment where all can make their best contributions. Raines International has nearly 50 years of experience helping organizations leverage the unique backgrounds, styles, and perspectives of a diverse talent pool. Employing our deep expertise in workforce diversity, our team identifies candidates who reflect our clients’ unique priorities, providing them with access to a diverse candidate pool that has proven essential to long-term success.


Diversity is built into how we do business. Having presented diverse candidate slates on 100% of our search engagements over the last two years, recruiting diverse talent is central to our core values and our philosophy of promoting an inclusive and collaborative culture. When combining our commitment to providing clients with quality talent, and our celebration of individuals with different backgrounds and experiences, Raines International has helped many organizations move toward their full potential.