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Integrity Matters

Even the smartest humans make emotional decisions.  The world’s best talent knows no shortage of opportunities.  It is easier to find a reason not to pursue a new role than to justify the move.  If candidates feel that a search process is just a transaction for the search firm and/or the client, they don't mind walking away. Forever.


Our process is designed to instill confidence in the executives we approach.  With a 47-year history and rich reputation in executive search, it is clear we are playing the long game.  We approach candidates thoughtfully, we maintain the utmost confidentiality, and we make the search process enjoyable and transparent.


To our active clients, we do not carve up your organization into areas we will and will not recruit from.  We won’t recruit from your Asia segment while recruiting for your executive team in Ohio, like the largest firms do.  That kind of activity doesn’t sit well with us, and you shouldn’t have to accept it.

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