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Introducing the Raines Talent Marketplace

For Immediate Release

A Tech-Enabled, Two-Sided Market Designed to Connect Difference Makers® with Opportunities to Make a Difference

April 16, 2020, New York, NY: Raines International, one of the country’s leading executive search firms, announced today the launch of the Raines Talent Marketplace, founded by advertising and media industry veteran and innovator Matt Seiler.  The digital platform, which Mr. Seiler conceived prior to joining Raines in 2019, was launched today as a membership program to accelerate a company’s ability to identify and engage exceptional candidates for short, mid and even long-term engagements.

The Raines Talent Marketplace ( is a highly-curated, executive level digital platform designed to collect and input professional background information into Raines’ proprietary talent management model, and make it instantly available to companies looking to make a difference.  Candidates are drawn from six verticals and represent more than 12 senior job functions.

Mr. Seiler said that the marketplace is a critical part of the evolution of the talent landscape, and the pandemic has advanced its launch. The Talent Marketplace is ideally suited to two very different segments of today’s business spectrum:  those companies experiencing huge growth, such as tele and video communications, healthcare, all things delivery and many CPGs;  as well as those experiencing the need for restructure or retrenchment, such as hospitality, quick-service restaurants and airlines.  Now faced with the need to engage new senior leaders for short-term business conditions, hiring organizations require the expertise that Raines can uniquely deliver in vetting talent for specific business opportunities.

“There are a number of industries that are thriving now, causing a surge in demand for high-level talent,” said Mr. Seiler.  “By May, our product will offer a sophisticated, highly-targeted and user-friendly interface enabling businesses to immediately identify and engage talent uniquely suited to the role.  We are committed to becoming the definitive destination for high-level executives and companies seeking outstanding leaders for their businesses.”

Ms. Carolyn Everson, Vice President, Global Business Group, at Facebook, said: “I am so excited to see the Raines Talent Marketplace come to life. This is exactly what we all need, now more than ever. The right talent in the right place will make huge differences for businesses no matter what their current challenge.  Matt Seiler has always been someone challenging the status quo and the Talent Marketplace will do just that.”

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