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Beet.TV: Raines’ Matt Seiler on Talent Challenges in the Agency World

Raines’ Managing Director and Executive-in-Residence Matt Seiler was recently invited to join Andy Plesser on the BeetCast, a podcast hosted by media and marketing news publisher Beet.TV. Matt and Andy discussed a range of topics from talent challenges in the agency world to the changing media agency model to the future of post-COVID work.

You can read an excerpt from the podcast below and listen to the full version here.

I think that one of the biggest challenges and opportunities for agencies is to promote themselves as being a more aspirational career path…You can’t just say it, you have to be it. So I think that there is an awful lot that has to happen within agency that gives individuals the sense that it is the right career path. That they are going to profit from it…The performance basis is what I think is going to change things. That is a pay-for-performance as in…an aligning with client business outcome.

Matt Seiler, BeetCast July 2021

Matt also discussed new post-pandemic talent challenges in the agency world – and across industries. Regarding bringing employees back to the office and accounting for the new mindset employees have, Matt noted: “Instead of, I go to work – because that’s what I do – five days a week, and if I have the chance to run down and grab a meal with someone or if I can go to gym, I will…it’s shifting to, I think I’ll go to the gym, which happens to be in my building, and while I’m there, I’m going to get together with Andy and/or I’m going to go in for lunch and I’ll probably stick around for the afternoon. It’s really shifting away from what the employer demands and more about what the employer can offer to satisfy the demands of the employee.”

Matt Seiler is a Managing Director and Executive-in-Residence for Raines International. He leads Raines’ Marketing & Commercial Excellence Practice and oversees the Raines Talent Management Group (RTMG). Matt is a three-time CEO and prior to Raines, led some of the advertising industry’s most awarded agency and agency groups. For more information on the Raines Talent Management Group, reach out to Matt Seiler at