Raines’ Bryan Ignozzi published in Forbes with 3 FinTech People Strategy Tips

Bryan Ignozzi, Managing Director in Raines’ Automotive and FinTech practices, and Charlotte Kirks, Vice President, FinTech, wrote for Forbes this month about how to create a people strategy in FinTech. In the article, Bryan and Charlotte discuss the evolving market conditions and highlight the increased importance of diversity, a balanced approach to risk, and purposefully deployed organizational influence in uncertain times.

See an excerpt of the article below and read the full article as published by Forbes.

In today’s market, leaders need to ensure they are investing (time, energy and money) in things that will strengthen their business, utilizing their existing resources in an effective manner and actively recognizing and mitigating potential risks. A well-balanced people strategy can allow you to not only survive a potential recession but also to capitalize on the potential opportunity a recession can bring.

Read the full article, Creating Certainty in an Uncertain Market: Three Ways Fintech Leaders Can Create A People Strategy, published by Forbes.

Bryan Ignozzi is a Managing Director at Raines International and leads Raines’ Automotive Practice and co-leads the FinTech and Business Services Practice. Reach out to bignozzi@rainesinternational.com to discuss how Raines can help you identify the right leaders your organization needs in 2023.