Raines’ Kathryn Bardi presents on Unconscious Bias in Hiring

Raines SVP Kathryn Bardi presented on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the case for Unconscious Bias Mitigation during a Nov. 15 session for the New York City Society of Human Resources Professionals. Kathryn, an expert in unconscious bias, discussed how unconscious bias can seep into the hiring process, why it can be a problem, and offered several tips and tricks for mitigating bias.

With a foundation in applied neuroscience, Kathryn takes a brain-based approach to problem-solving and insight generation across Raines’ Advisory practice areas. Contact Kathryn to learn more about Raines’ DEI and Unconscious Bias offerings.

Raines Managing Director Allen Geller is a board member for NYC SHRM.