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Raines’ Kiel Towns featured in Business Insider for space recruiting

Kiel Towns, a member of Raines’ Aerospace, Defense, & Government Services Practice, was featured in Business Insider’s recent article advising how to stand out when seeking a position at SpaceX.

Business Insider wrote:

“We asked Kiel Towns, a senior vice president at Raines International, one of the top recruiting firms for the space industry, for the top five steps that he recommends to job candidates seeking roles at SpaceX. He shared the following insights based on conversations he’s had with several current and former SpaceX executives. They explain what it takes to stand out while trying to land a job at the coveted space exploration company.”

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Kiel Towns is a Senior Vice President at Raines in the Aerospace, Defense, & Government Services Practice.. To discuss space recruiting further, reach out to Kiel at