Matt Seiler ceo of the future

Raines’ Matt Seiler quoted in Digiday’s WorkLife on the CEO of the Future

Raines Managing Director Matt Seiler was featured in Digiday’s WorkLife this month discussing the qualities companies are seeking in their next CEO.

From WorkLife’s article, “CEO of the future – CHROs increasingly first in line for succession,”

[Seiler] and other corporate leaders and workplace experts say that while business expertise remains essential, emotional intelligence and empathy — traits often associated with HR roles — are increasingly important for a CEO’s success. 

“Care, compassion, humanity, understanding. More and more, those things will define the CEO of the future,” Seiler said. 

Read the full article on WorkLife’s website.

Matt Seiler is a Managing Director and Executive-in-Residence for Raines International. He leads Raines’ Marketing, Media, & Entertainment Practice. Matt is a three-time CEO and prior to Raines, led some of the advertising industry’s most awarded agency and agency groups. To discuss how to build your organization and its marketing leadership, contact Matt at