Molly Gonzales, head of CFO Financial Officers Practice for Raines, headshot, with headline from Fortune

Raines’ Molly Gonzales in Fortune on CFO & ESG Roles

Fortune magazine’s CFO Daily newsletter featured Raines’ Molly Gonzales, head of Raines’ CFO and Financial Officers Practice, talking about the future of ESG roles in the CFO and finance function.

Molly shared insights on how different sized companies are reflecting ESG in their hiring and structure.

“What Gonzales, a former CFO, has seen is “larger corporations—especially those with big environmental and emissions footprints—are forming teams under a chief sustainability title,” she says.

“The companies on the forefront are those who have made public statements on time to achieve net zero, and now they’re staffing up to figure out how to measure their current business and a plan to achieve their goals.”

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Molly Gonzales is a Senior Vice President and leads Raines’ CFO and Financial Officers Practice. A former CFO herself, Molly’s expertise spans across the financial and operational sectors and includes business development, corporate strategy, fundraising, accounting, finance, compliance, and human capital. To discuss how to build your organization and its leadership, reach out to Molly Gonzales at