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Raines’ Rick Harris in TechTarget about Solving Tech & IT Talent Shortage

Raines Managing Director Rick Harris was featured in TechTarget’s recent article, “How CIOs can solve their tech and IT talent shortage.” Harris, who co-leads Raines’ Global Software & Technology Practice, advised tech companies should focus on selling their culture to potential new hires.

Organizations looking to compete more successfully for tech talent need to first build a great workplace culture and then highlight that, said Rick Harris, managing director and head of the product, data and technology practice at the talent consulting firm Raines International, headquartered in Miami.

“Sell that culture,” Harris said. “It’s about why people work there, what motivates them, what makes the company unique and interesting, and then representing that.”

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Rick Harris is a Managing Director at Raines International and co-leads Raines’ Global Software & Technology Practice. Reach out to to discuss your software and technology talent needs.