Vrinda Johnson in Business Insider

Raines’ Vrinda Johnson quoted in Business Insider on FinTech M&A deal teams

Business Insider featured Raines’ Vrinda Johnson, Managing Director for FinTech and Business Services, in its recent article about recruiting trends in FinTech for building internal corporate development teams for mergers & acquisitions.

Vrinda commented:

“The trend is more to build the capability in-house, because of the frequency of transactions and to supplement areas that you may not have been able to build as effectively…You can’t have a team of due diligence analysts on payroll constantly, unless you are transacting at the pace that a PE firm or a VC firm might transact. However, you can have a smaller team or you can have a head of corp dev that can lead the effort internally with the business’s best interests at heart — not that professional services don’t, but that has a different lens.”

Read Business Insider’s article, “Fintechs are building out their own deal teams to get in on the M&A frenzy, and they’re poaching junior bankers to do it.

Vrinda Johnson is a Managing Director at Raines International and leads Raines’ FinTech and Business Services Practices. Reach out to vjohnson@rainesinternational.com to discuss FinTech trends and how Raines can help you identify the difference makers your organization needs in 2022.