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The Archivist

Allison Hechtman

Business Development Associate

About Allison

Allison assists with the business development process at Raines. Her passions for market research and data-driven insights come together to support client-centric strategy and business growth. Allison’s keen eye for detail and dedication to efficiency and quality reflect Raines’ mission to make a difference.

Industry & Consulting Experience

Prior to Raines, Allison worked on the Consumer Insights team at Royal Caribbean International. She led the team in adopting innovative techniques utilizing neuroscience to stay at the forefront of market research. In her role, she conducted quantitative and qualitative research efforts with a focus on product innovation, creative performance, and brand positioning among competitors. Allison’s commitment to finding deeper insight in the data and using that data to drive strategic decisions enables meaningful change throughout Raines’ business.


B.A. in Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania

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