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Melany Quintero

Research Associate

About Melany

Melany is a Research Associate at Raines International, based in Miami. At Raines, Melany is ecstatic to learn a new field and utilize her methodology (mathematical mind) to help foster efficiency, whether it be designing new systems or finding new ways to approach current ones. Melany also looks forward to working alongside individuals who are driven by the desire to make a difference in the world. Past experiences have taught her that a company has no growing “cap” if the people are truly motivated to help each other develop into the best versions of themselves; thus, Melany cannot wait to see where Raines goes with herself as part of the team.

Industry & Consulting Experience

Prior to Raines, Melany interned at Kin Properties Inc. in the accounting department and Bloomberg LP in the client financial services department.

While at Dartmouth College, Melany participated in the Tuck Business Bridge Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, a highly selective program taught by MBA faculty, developing skills in corporate finance, accounting, strategy, marketing, managerial economics, spreadsheet modeling, and communication. Melany also worked in the Plant Biology research lab, working to determine the gene responsible for Fe (iron) intake to, then, modify the genotype in rice plants so that they intake more iron, in hopes to lower anemia.



Dartmouth College, Applied Mathematics and Hispanic Studies

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