Creating order in complex situations

Noaem Shurin


About Noaem

Noaem Shurin is a Consultant for Raines’ Boston office and uses her quick wit and analytical skills to provide support across a broad range of industries. Noaem brings to Raines her analytical and storytelling skills, as well as a positive attitude and adventurous spirit. During her time at Brandeis, she traveled to seven countries across four continents and took the opportunity to learn from each one of those experiences. She uses what she has learned from both her professional and academic background to help further the vision of Raines and achieve her career goals.

Industry & Consulting Experience

Noaem discovered her passion for research during her undergraduate career, when she was a research assistant for the Hadassah Brandeis Institute. Her work, bringing forward the voices of Jewish women in the Radical Feminist movement, helped shape her understanding and appreciation of research as a form of storytelling. When she pursued her Master of Finance at Brandeis, she discovered that data analysis offered those same storytelling mechanisms; it allowed her to take hundreds of thousands of data points and turn them into one, cohesive, and compelling story. She was able to hone those data and research skills during internships at the Private Equity firm, Broadtree Partners, as well as Atlantic Medical Management, a Healthcare M&A firm.


MA, Brandeis International Business School, International Economics and Finance

BA, Brandeis University, Economics and Afro and African American Studies


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