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How Alison Lewis is Changing Marketing at J&J

Earlier this week, Adweek profiled Johnson & Johnson’s first Global Chief Marketing Officer and Raines International placement Alison Lewis about her role in redesigning the conglomerate’s marketing function and cultivating innovative ways for the company to connect with customers.

Now in her third year at Johnson & Johnson, Lewis has “streamlined the marketing efforts of over 100 disparate brands—all of which had various marketing operations functioning simultaneously but not necessarily cohesively—into one centralized force,” Adweek explains.

“On top of that, Lewis says, she has been working to ‘globalize brands that in some cases didn’t have as much scale in certain parts of the world.’ Top priority? The namesake, Johnson’s, as well as Listerine, Neutrogena and Carefree,” according to Adweek.

Lewis points to the importance of an emotional connection with consumers on top of the practical fact that Johnson & Johnson sells products that people need. For example, Adweek noted that Johnson & Johnson proactively contacted consumers to let them know about new products in Neutrogena’s make-up line. Or how Johnson & Johnson re-directed its efforts and slogan to appeal to the interests and choices of Listerine users.

“The thing that I believe sort of sways them to choose your brand over everyone else’s brand is how they feel,” Lewis told Ad Week. “That purpose, that emotion is critical.”

In terms of leadership style, Adweek describes:

“She’s a pragmatic and inspiring leader with a bold vision who tries to empower her people (she manages over 400 employees) to deliver.”

Forbes interviewed Lewis earlier this year about Johnson & Johnson’s marketing campaigns and expanding the scale and structure of its product marketing. “We all know that brands that are beloved and admired are actually used by more people and used more often, which would mean we were the fasted growing consumer goods company,” Lewis says.

Before joining Johnson & Johnson in December 2013, Lewis served as the Chief Marketing Officer of North America for the Coca-Cola Company before she was recruited by Raines International to her current position.

To learn more about Alison and her marketing initiatives, read Adweek’s full profile.