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Raines Talent Management Group (RTMG)

We help individuals tell their stories better so they can find the right opportunity to make a difference. We offer a variety of personalized solutions, including expert coaching services, so executives can succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

About RTMG

The Raines Talent Management Group (RTMG) is a first-of-its-kind offering poised to disrupt the talent industry. RTMG is a talent management business and tech-enabled marketplace. It is also a key part of our commitment to bringing unprecedented service to the candidates we serve and to the hiring organizations they will come to serve.



What separates your organization from where you are and where you want to be? What difference do you need made to achieve your goals? Raines Talent Management Group can help your organization in four key ways.

Difference Makers® delivered to your organization

Organizations receive a members-only newsletter, highlighting the newest candidates in our database.


Access to vetted talent

Hiring organizations can access the full Talent Marketplace database of candidates to hire talent on a DIY basis.


Hire the best, faster

Executives may be brought on for short, mid, or long-term engagements at a more competitive fee than most executive search services.


Career transition services

The Talent Marketplace serves as an outplacement service to ensure individuals are in the best position to land their next opportunity.


A next step in
your career

Candidates we meet through retained search have the opportunity to become a part of the Talent Marketplace as a next step with us.


Exposure to the best

Candidate profiles are shared with Raines clients in need of need leaders.


Support when
you need it

Candidates can also work with Raines’s coaches on career management and personal branding support as they need it.


Finding your differentiator

Our coaches help candidates define what type of Difference Maker™ they are using our proprietary assessment and personal branding brief.

Designed for individuals

What stands between you and your career goals? Are you on the right path, and does the market know your value? Raines Talent Management Group can help individuals with four key value-adds.


The Raines Talent Management Group offers premier coaching services for top executives, oriented to a variety of outcomes. The most popular offering is the Difference Maker™ Package.  The Difference Maker™ Framework drives our executive coaching, career coaching, professional branding, and storytelling sessions to elevate your capabilities and qualities in the pursuit of peak career performance and achievement.