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Raines Assessments

A personalized, data-driven experience for clients and candidates

Raines Executive Assessments empower business leaders to make more confident, data-driven talent decisions and maximize impact at the individual and team level.

About Raines Executive Assessments

We continually develop and refine unparalleled offerings with input from world-renowned HR Leaders and Talent Partners to best meet our clients’ needs. Our assessments analyze how candidates will lead and make a difference for our clients, and provide growth-oriented learnings for those individuals to operate and team most effectively.

Leadership Insights vs. Candidate Insights

Whether hiring new talent or managing existing employees, our assessments provide valuable analysis to help leaders make the best talent decisions for their teams today and tomorrow.

Deepen candidate insights

Our assessments surface critical information on leadership attitudes, competencies, behaviors, and drivers to best understand a candidate’s strengths and risks.


Compare multiple candidates

We clearly identify candidates’ similarities and differences to promote an easier decision-making process.


Individual & team development

Our assessment insights can be utilized for leadership assessment, developmental debriefs, enhanced onboarding, and broader executive development at both the individual and team level.


Personalized, actionable deliverables

We take the time to understand our client’s specific role, team, and culture, and provide the most impactful, tailored insights in simple, digestible formats.


Advanced data analysis

Our experts complete and integrate advanced analysis on multiple, objective psychometrics, backed by 30+ years of validated data.


Better assessment experience

Our process focuses on reducing the time needed from assessed individuals without sacrificing the quality of insights for our clients.

The Raines Difference

Our assessments are uniquely designed to meet the distinct needs of the organization and provide unparalleled analysis, while also offering a best-in-class experience for the individual.

Offerings tailored to meet our clients’ needs

Validation: From psychometric tools to Raines’ expert-led interviews and referencing, we build the depth of data needed for each particular assignment.

Measurement: We anchor our analysis on what is most important to clients, utilizing different frameworks including scorecards and Raines’ Difference Maker™ attributes.

Output: Our deliverable components range from targeted follow-up questions for clients to detailed candidate growth plans to support a variety of needs.

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