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The marketing, media, and entertainment industries are evolving more rapidly than ever before. Raines’ Marketing, Media, & Entertainment Practice understands these industries and knows how to identify the top business leaders who will shepherd these organizations into the future.

About the Practice

Media consumption is constant, and digital consumers are demanding a faster, more personalized, and overall better experience from the brands they choose to engage with. Organizations that operate in these industries need leaders who understand consumers today and in the future if they want to stay competitive.

Our Marketing, Media, & Entertainment team concentrates on what organizations are looking for, who they are from a cultural perspective, and what success will look like for them. At the same time, we discover the unique difference each candidate has to offer and the special talents they can bring to your organization. Whether you are a Private Equity-backed specialty agency, a digital media conglomerate, or a small marketing tech startup, our team can help you find the right Difference Maker™ for your organization.

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Leading talent adviser Aaron Walker, previously a partner at True Search in its Go-to-Market practice and a founding member of the Games, Entertainment, Media, and Sports commercial practice, joined Raines as a Senior Vice President, leading the Go-to-Market practice.