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FinTech & Financial Services Practice

The FinTech & Financial Services industry is a global, rapidly growing industry with constantly changing market demands and advancements. ​Representing software, mobile applications, cloud-enabled services, and tech products that serve financial services customers, fintech continues to disrupt the financial services industry with innovation. Rapidly evolving technological innovation is the only constant in this industry.

About the Practice

The FinTech & Financial Services industry continues to disrupt traditional financial services businesses and has seen tremendous growth as major financial services companies and banks compete with startups and new ventures. Fintech products are breaking down access barriers, making simple financial services accessible in new ways as the face of the consumer is changing​. The corresponding leadership and talent implications require a different approach and mindset compared to traditional financial institutions. As regulations develop and expand, organizations need agile leaders who can speak the languages of both financial services and technology and keep up with the constantly changing fintech environment.

Our FinTech & Financial Services executive search team members know this world. We have lived in our  clients’ shoes, we have experienced the highs and lows from the inside, and we have grown and evolved with the industry. We leverage this knowledge, a commitment to quality and performance, and a people-first attitude to build exceptional teams.

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Duncan Finlayson

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Ceylan Higgins

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Gerard Dash

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Matthew Seiler

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Charlotte Kirks

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Jenna McCotter

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Leading FinTech recruiter Gerard Dash joins Raines as Senior Vice President

Gerard Dash, a leading FinTech recruiter, joined Raines International as Senior Vice President, FinTech, operating in the Global Software & Technology Practice. Based in Atlanta, Gerard previously was a Principal at True Search in its FinTech and Product, Data, and Technology practices. At Raines, Gerard co-leads the FinTech & Financial Services Practice.

Ceylan Higgins joins Raines as Managing Director

Ceylan Higgins joined Raines as Managing Director in its London office. Higgins will partner with Miami-based Managing Director Rick Harris and London-based Managing Director Duncan Finlayson to lead Raines’ Global Software & Technology Practice.

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