Industry Agnostic

There are at least four reasons why folks decide not to focus a particular industry or two:

1. I generally just love problem solving and am intellectually curious, so how can I choose just one industry?
2. I am performing at the top of my class. There is no problem I can’t solve. And I am like a chameleon, so I will fit in and thrive no matter where I go.
3. I want the biggest title, the most visibility, and the fastest apparent path possible to CEO. If a CPG company wants to give me that, I’m theirs. If a utility dangles the right carrots, then I can deal. Deep down I know that I’m most passionate about technology, but I can get passionate about cosmetics if the title, path, and compensation package are right.
4. I don’t want to have to relocate, so I figure I’ll be really open minded about the industry and company I go into.

At a certain time in your career, you’re going to have to settle down and find your “one true industry.”  Don’t worry – if it doesn’t work out, you can always leave, but the process of committing to an industry will help you focus your search on areas where you are most likely to do well for the long haul.

Don’t you think you could possibly do better in one industry than in another?  Would your background lend itself better to a certain industry based on corporate culture, products / services, pace, passion?