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Raines Engage

Cognitive Bias Mitigation in Hiring

Raines Engage enables individuals to make improved hiring decisions with greater confidence and objectivity through neuroscience-backed sessions on making equitable decisions in the hiring process.

About Raines Engage

At Raines, we are dedicated to creating more equitable outcomes for our own team, our clients, and our candidates. Led by our in-house neuroscience experts, Raines Engage enables individuals to make improved hiring decisions with greater confidence and objectivity. Since we recognize that unconscious bias affects everyone, every Raines employee participates in the full Raines Engage suite and regular refresher trainings. We also include Raines Engage in all our C-suite searches.

Session Content

All sessions begin by establishing alignment on the interplay between diversity, equity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. Presenters then dig into the root causes of bias, so individuals can grasp how and why bias presents, as well as its effects. Sessions close by offering participants concrete, research-backed strategies along with clear demonstrations of their applications to embed learnings.


Benefits of diversity

We consider the science behind how and why diversity improves performance for organizations, for teams, and for individuals.


Unconcious bias & talent pipelines

We inspect the biological basis of unconscious bias, its unintended effects, and ways to mitigate it to elevate decision-making.


Bias mitigation via process

We deconstruct key decision points in the talent pipeline to identify the most problematic biases and ways to address them effectively in the moment using research-backed tactics.

Breaking Down Cognitive Bias Mitigation in Hiring

Each session consists of three parts, all focused on helping individuals understand the effects of unconscious bias and and how best to mitigate them.

Greater learning through interactivity

We build in interaction points every 3-5 minutes to keep attendees engaged throughout the session. This encourages participation, group learning, and higher overall retention relative to standard instruction-only sessions.

Annotation & Whiteboarding

We create pages for participants to anonymously share input and notations to answer questions. Stamps are also used to gauge excitement around specific topics.



We launch live polls to allow participants the opportunity to respond to specific prompts (trivia questions, their experiences, etc.) to verify understanding, and to determine key areas of focus.



We enable group and direct chat to allow participants to share their ideas and ask questions in real time.


Breakout Rooms and Case Studies

We tailor case studies and discussion topics to highlight relevant industry examples for participants to maximize resonance and engagement.


Choose from an interactive keynote or a workshop format

Raines Engage interactive keynotes and workshops promote bias mitigation in hiring and other long-tail decision processes, such as performance reviews, high stakes decisions, etc. Interactive keynotes, traditionally 60 minutes in length, center on lecture-based content with continuous interaction points every three to five minutes as well as a robust question-and-answer segment with our in-house experts.

Our workshops (90-120 minutes) build upon the the strong base of our keynotes by incorporating small breakout group activities. These segments create space for participants to move beyond the realm of theoretical discussions to role-playing relatable scenarios applying learnings in real-time. We also offer facilitated action-planning to allow teams to focus on their bias mitigation priorities.



Tiered pricing to serve small and large organizations

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we created a tiered pricing model to develop bespoke solutions tailored to scale for each client. Once a threshold is reached, all additional sessions are automatically billed at the next, lower price point.