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2012 Consultant Compensation Study

Raines International analyzed a sample of offers given specifically to current consultants we recruited in 2012, giving insight into the consultants’ valuation of compensation packages when making a move.  Read our compensation study for specific offer examples, and findings that may inspire a more open-minded approach to opportunities beyond your base salary.

Of these offers, only 37% of consultants saw an increase in their base and bonus when compared to their compensation in consulting. When factoring in overall compensation including equity, however, 77% of consultants experienced an increase in their transition.

Additionally, the findings show that more consultants took a decrease in their base and bonus, but an increase in total compensation, than any other permutation.

Summary of Compensation Study

compensation study raines

While less than half of the consultants we recruited increased in base and bonus when leaving consulting, over 75% experience an increase with their compensation packages overall.  Before you get fixated on cash, evaluate and appreciate the whole package for what it is worth.

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