Kristin mann Fast Company

Raines’ Kristin Mann quoted by Fast Company on digital mindfulness

Raines’ Kristin Mann, Co-lead of the Advisory Practice, was featured recently by Fast Company in its article on digital mindfulness. Kristin offered tips on incorporating mindfulness to be a more successful leader.

From the article:

“Mann advises her clients to hold 15 minutes on their calendar every Friday for a (tech-free) reflection on the week’s learnings. You can use this time to reflect on wins and challenges—in both digital use and general work. ‘We often dwell on what we struggled with, completely overlooking the things we nailed,’ Mann says. ‘So try writing down three things you excelled at and one thing you would like to work on next week.'”

She also suggested:

“Rather than rapid-firing off that email while your attention is divided, pause before you hit send. If your message lacks compassion or clarity, remember that people may read your message differently than how you intended it. ‘Being very intentional in understanding what your impact is, particularly as a manager or leader, is part of digital mindfulness,’ Mann says.”

Read the article, “How ‘digital mindfulness’ can help you feel less burned out by work,” on Fast Company’s website.

Kristin Mann is a Senior Vice President, Advisory: Leadership & Org Consulting at Raines, where she consults clients on solutions including assessments, coaching, and workshops on topics like motivation, due diligence interview training, and senior team alignment. With 15 years’ experience as an executive assessor and coach, team mediator, and diversity, equity, and inclusion facilitator, her work has taken her across North America, Europe, and Asia. She holds a PhD and MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Contact Kristin at