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Looking to amp up your business or organization? It all starts with the right Chief Executive Officer as the Difference Maker™ at the helm and an exceptional Board to deliver strong governance and guide long-term strategy.

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These are high-stakes times. Organizations are requiring more of their leaders than ever before. Businesses that lose their way can fail overnight, taken down by swifter rivals who listen more closely to customers and execute ferociously with better product innovation, stronger finances and more diverse cultures. A company’s route to relevance, growth, and success depends entirely on its leadership—an exceptional CEO and C-Suite and a watchful, engaged Board of Directors. We find CEOs who lead businesses to a higher plane and purpose, inspiring and motivating their teams to win. And the board directors we place instill sound governance, reinforce diversity and keep your business Big Picture on track.

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A Four Pillar Operating System For Innovation & Growth

Innovate or die. Whether you are in B2B or B2C, people always want something new. While it is the lifeblood of an organization — driving topline and improving the bottom-line — too many organizations wait too long to prioritize and promote innovation throughout the company. But, by that point, it may be too late as the infrastructure for change is not in place. This is when our phones ring from clients seeking the quick-fix management to build innovation into their businesses.

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Raines International Launches Pioneering Executive Assessment Process

Current executive assessments lack actionable next steps. Raines’ methodology, serving clients across Private Equity, start-ups, high-growth organizations, and Fortune 1000 corporations, brings a new lens to succession planning, onboarding, senior team alignment, executive hires, and promotions in a highly fragmented, highly varied billion-dollar industry.