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The best operations executives combine strategic thinking and superior implementation skills to guide an organization to its most efficient and cost-effective state. At Raines, our Operational Excellence & Supply Chain practice can find the right leader to achieve the highest levels of operational performance for your organization.

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It takes a certain kind of executive to know the difference between the right ideas on paper and the right ideas in practice. Operations executives must be strategic problem-solvers, adept executors, and experienced leaders if they are to drive operational change in an organization. These executives possess an ability to influence, energize, and execute on a global basis. At Raines, our firm has consistently provided clients with top talent in operational leadership by understanding the latest in operational trends and the unique needs of your organization. Whether you are a manufacturer optimizing your production and procurement processes or a services organization looking to enhance your internal business processes, we will partner with you to find and place the best person for your team. We are proud to have served some of the world’s leading corporations as they defined, and then refined, what it means to truly have operational excellence.

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Female Operations Executive

Female Operations Executive

Female Operations Executive

Female Operations Executive

Female Operations Executive

Female Operations Executive

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We help organizations address their toughest people challenges by taking the time to understand your needs and leveraging data with a tailor-made approach. Our solutions cater to individuals, teams, and organizations.

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We help individuals tell their stories better so they can find the right opportunity where they can make a difference. We offer a variety of personalized solutions, including expert coaching services, so executives can succeed beyond their wildest dreams.