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We help organizations and their portfolio companies find outstanding leaders who are ready for the fast-paced worlds of private equity and venture capital. Our Private Equity & Venture Capital team has the skills and experience to identify and place business leaders with incredible depth of knowledge and potential to take firms to the next level.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital are the picture of resilience: realizing new opportunities, making offers, and selling at great returns. Even with today’s macroeconomic trends and geopolitical climate, investment remains a critical part of the global economy and a space where Difference Makers®️ can best revolutionize a team, organization, and sector. As firms turn their sights increasingly to growth equity, value creation has become just as important as cost improvement to take their portfolio companies to the next level. Mapping out these exciting uncharted territories, the right leader can make all the difference. Whether a commercially oriented executive within the firm or an innovative leader for a portfolio company, fresh perspective and seasoned talent are crucial to the next frontier of private equity and venture capital. Raines has a wealth of experience helping firms with all different areas of specialization to find partners and executives who thrive in the fast-paced world of Private Equity and Venture Capital.

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Private Equity Specialties

Private Equity Specialties

Lessons from PE and Hedge Fund Executives for Thriving through COVID

Despite fears about the effect of COVID on the Private Equity and hedge fund world, the investment market is not as stressed as anticipated. Many clients are calling to toast record-breaking quarters. But, are sales leaders just wearing rose-colored glasses? Or are things as good as they seem? Based on conversations fall 2020 with several Heads of Sales and Investments at private equity firms and hedge funds, the private equity and hedge fund executives are confident of continued success and growth.

Lessons from PE and Hedge Fund Executives for Thriving through COVID
management consulting


There are two primary paths for consultants into the Private Equity industry: the operations team and a portfolio company (while a small portion of consultants end up working in an Investment Team, firms primarily target individuals with investment banking or Private Equity backgrounds for these roles). Many consultants choose to join an Operations Team at the Private Equity level because it allows them to leverage their consulting toolkit to assess and drive operational improvement opportunities within a firm’s portfolio.