What We’re Reading: April 29 Edition

This April 29 post is our fourth installment of our weekly roundup of the articles on business, consulting, recruiting and jobs that we at Raines Intel are reading. Send articles you think we should check out to Read our last installment.

1. There was a lot of discussion on Twitter this week about C-suite positions: specifically, whether the CMO was replacing the CIO.

Tech site GigaOm wrote last year that “The CMO is not replaced the CIO and here’s why. “The argument is that “the transformational CIO, unlike the traditional CIO, is in high-demand” because of the IT responsibility.

Meanwhile, Enterprise Irregulars discussed the merging of CMO and CCO positions, which it suggested helps “oversee engagement across the single continuum of digital.” suggested that the CIO and CDO roles might combine moving forward because their work overlaps.

2. Martin Zwilling provides “7 Leadership Tips when the Business is Struggling”

Tips include managing staff anxiety, listening to the team, work directly with staff, and “create an environment that encourages and rewards participation and progress, with no penalties for missteps.”

3. At Fortune, Russ Becker, President of the Forum Corporation, identifies the most important qualities for leaders. writing:

Effective leadership requires a combination of several different qualities. However, if I had to name just one that really sets the foundation, I would say that strength-based management is key. Strength-based management is when a company’s leadership embraces the idea of aligning individuals’ roles within the company with the strengths and passions of those employees.”

The best way to do that is to connect with staff on a variety of levels, Becker suggested.

4. Adobe got rid of the traditional performance reviews and replaced them with more frequent, personalized discussions about progress, development and goals. According to Anne Fisher at Forbes, that has helped the company retain staff and improve performance.

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