What We’re Reading: May 13 Edition

This May 13 post is our sixth installment of our weekly roundup of the must read articles on business, consulting, recruiting and jobs that we at Raines Intel are reading. See last week’s roundup and send articles you think we should feature to

1. This year’s Nonprofit Employment Practices survey indicates the non-profit sector will have a significant increase in hiring this year. Caroline Ceniza-Levine at Forbes highlighted “Five Ways That You Can Benefit.

2. Fast Company’s Gwen Moran highlighted qualities great bosses have including good communication skills, trustworthiness, consistency and understanding all aspects of the business. Read “10 Habits of Well-Liked Bosses.” 

3. Greg Hong, co-founder and board director of Reserve, discussed the need and necessary steps to create a strong company culture.

“A strong company culture can help motivate employees, attract new hires, encourage innovation and much more,” Hong explained. “But how does company culture evolve and when should it be formalized?” See “How to Win on Company Culture.”

4. Skip Prichard, President and CEO of global nonprofit computer library service and research organization OCLC, interviewed leadership adviser and author Anese Cavanaugh about the best tips for improving leadership abilities.

Prichard’s interview explains and offers advice for applying Cavanaugh’s “game changers” to the workplace. What are the 7 tips?

“1: Do your work. Be accountable for your choices.

“2: Stop complaining and start resolving.

“3: Ask for help-admit your glorious imperfections.

“4: Surround yourself with good people.

“5: Practice gratitude, even for the stuff that hurts.

“6: Eat well. Really well. Move your body. Drink water.

7: Love your kids. Love your friends. Love your people. Love yourself. Remember who you are.”

Check out “7 Game Changers to Improve Your Leadership Position.”

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