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What We’re Reading: January 13 Edition

Below is Raines Intel’s January 13 curation of interesting reads about business, careers, hiring and more. Send suggestions to research@rainesinternational.com. Read our last curation.

1. Many tech companies are trying to attract young, diverse women to join and improve their boards, The New York Times’ Pui-Wing Tam reported. The move is much-needed, as “Among Silicon Valley’s 150 largest companies, only 15 percent of board seats were filled by women in 2016, compared with 21 percent for companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, according to the research firm Equilar.” Read “Join our Board: Companies Hotly Pursue New Wave of Women in Tech.”


2. Twitter’s Managing Director for China Kathy Chen left the company after eight months. “A stream of executives has left the company since it announced layoffs in October amid continued losses,” the Wall Street Journal’s Eva Dou reports. “Profitability has long been a challenge for the popular social network and its revenue growth has slowed.” Read “Twitter China Chief Kathy Chen Departs.”


3. At Business Insider, Biz Carson highlights several tech startups including AppDynamics, Snapchat and Spotify that may or plan to go public this year. Read “These tech startups are IPO candidates to watch in 2017.”


4. And at Raines Intel, we published a look back at diversity and inclusion in 2016. U.S. companies, universities, and organizations took many public steps focused on Diversity and Inclusion in 2016.  This leaves us hopeful that 2017 will be met with many more examples of achievements in D&I.  Though not exhaustive, here are some D&I events that took place in 2016, and what we at Raines International hope for in 2017. Read Diversity & Inclusion: 2016 in Review, and What We Look Forward to in 2017.


We have a lot of great content lined up for the coming weeks! Recommendations? Feedback? E-mail us at research@rainesinternational.com