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What We’re Reading: November 18 Edition

Below is Raines Intel’s November 18 curation of interesting reads about business, careers, hiring and more. Send suggestions to Read our previous installment.

1. This month, Raines Intel looked at a sampling of 350+ 2009 MBAs who went directly into one of the “Big Three” firms — Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Company. We wanted to find out where these consultants are and what their path looked like. Read our study, “‘Big Three’ 2009 MBAs.”

2. Related, Bloomberg Businessweek published this week its annual ranking of the best business schools. Harvard and Stanford topped the list. See who else made the cut. Read “Best Business Schools 2016.”

3. Michelle Weise at Harvard Business Review suggested that employers find a way to easily assess candidates’ soft and hard skills.

“We might see skills such as strong writing and editing, public speaking, planning and organizing, time management, technology skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, negotiating, and decision-making, adaptability, professionalism and customer focus.” Weise wrote. “Technical skills could be viewed and validated alongside the ‘softer’ skills that so many companies are looking for.” Read “We Need a Better Way to Visualize People’s Skills.”

4. Tech company for black millenials Blavity interviewed eBay’s Chief Diversity Officer Damien Hooper-Campbell about diversity and tech. “From the time I’ve spent inside companies like Google and eBay, I’ve realized that tech is actually very serious about diversity – both from an investment and a ‘this makes good business sense’ standpoint, Hooper-Campbell said. “If there’s any industry that can have a real shot at moving the needle, it’s technology. The industry has the four key ingredients that I feel are absolutely critical to making meaningful change.” Read “eBay’s Chief Diversity Officer on why tech has a shot at moving the needle on diversity.”

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