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What We’re Reading: October 21 Edition

This is the October 21 edition of Raines Intel’s weekly What We’re Reading curation series. E-mail us feedback or suggestions at Read our last edition.

1. The Boston Globe highlighted Tim Ryan, the U.S. chairman of PwC, and how he has tried to tackle race issues and concerns in the workplace.  This summer, Ryan held race discussions and he is currently trying to unite other business leaders to strategize a new way “to address race in the workplace.” Read “PwC chief aims to tackle a tough topic: race in the US.”

2. At Forbes, Henry DeVries discussed Richard Franzi’s book Critical Mass: The 10 Explosive Powers of CEO Peer Groups and Franzi’s advocacy for CEO peer groups. Franzi argues that CEO peer groups allow CEOs to discuss in a “safe haven” issues they are facing and get in return “solid reasoning,” “real feedback,” and guidance among other things. Read “10 Reasons to Join a CEO Peer Group.”

3. Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard detailed how the company relies on creativity to create successful ads for clients. At the recent ANA Masters of Marketing conference, Pritchard explained creativity is the only way to filter through the “noise” of so many ads out there.

“We decided to step up our game and give consumers the experience they deserve,” Pritchard said. “We’ve made a choice to raise the bar on creativity, because the consumers that we serve deserve our very best, and it is the key to unlocking growth.” Read “Don’t ever accept mediocrity.”

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