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Raines Intel’s 10 Most Read Posts of 2016

This year, Raines International expanded our content platform from only focusing on consultants to examining issues cross-industry and cross-function. As we continue to grow and develop our thought leadership platform, we wanted to take a look back at the most read articles we published in 2016.

Our most read articles:

10. Why Soft Skills Matter & How to Identify Them: In the world of increased competition and with higher stakes on the line, however, the importance of soft skills can’t be understated.

9. Next Steps: Life after Partner: Raines International’s last installment in our Partner Series, “Life After Partner,” identifies the reasons why consultants leave the Partner Path and offers advice for those looking to make their next move.

8. How Alison Lewis is Changing Marketing at J&J: Adweek profiled Johnson & Johnson’s first Global Chief Marketing Officer and Raines International placement Alison Lewis about her role in redesigning the conglomerate’s marketing function and cultivating innovative ways for the company to connect with customers.

7. Assessing your Chances of Making Partner: Raines International’s second installment in the Partner Series looks at the next crucial step in the path to Partner: assessing your chances of making Partner in light of your professional experiences, corporate contributions, and success rate at your firm.

6. Why You Should Consider Taking an HR Job: Despite the importance of HR in creating a competitive organization, few consultants step into roles outside of a company’s strategy function or internal consulting group, let alone HR.

5. 3 Questions to Consider before Making Partner: Raines International spoke with several executives about when their paths diverted from the Partner Track. 

4. The Approaching Wave: The Companies that will force Ad Agencies to Embrace Diversity: A discussion of race and gender has been taking place among advertising agency executives, and that discussion is being led by the brands they represent.

3. Making Partner: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: We spoke with several executives to get a better understanding of the various rewards and challenges that accompany the position, highlighting some important factors to consider when stepping into the role.

2. How to Avoid Major Onboarding Mistakes: The first thing consultants might think when they hear the term “Onboarding” is the indoctrination they went through when entering their consulting firm.  But what does it mean when you are the person onboarding to a new firm after leaving consulting?

1. Rethinking Compensation 2016: Consulting to Industry: Raines International analyzed compensation offers given specifically to current consultants we have recruited over the last 24 months, giving insight into the varying packages presented to consultants when transitioning to an industry role. 

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