Kristin Mann SHRM

Raines’ Kristin Mann Quoted on Feedback in the C-Suite

Raines’ Kristin Mann, Senior Vice President in Raines’ Advisory: Leadership & Org Consulting Practice, was featured in the Society for Human Resource Management’s recent article on how to give and receive negative feedback in the C-suite.

“If you don’t understand or agree with the feedback, ask for examples or ask more questions. Recognize feedback as a sign of respect,” said Kristin Mann, senior vice president at Raines International in Dayton, Ohio. “If the board is sharing their feedback openly, then they aren’t having those conversations behind closed doors. … They are talking to you directly. They want the company to succeed, and they are giving you the feedback needed to recognize the need for change.”

Read the article, “Hard Truth in the C-Suite: 7 Ways for Leaders to Embrace Negative Feedback,” on SHRM’s website.

Kristin Mann is a Senior Vice President, Advisory: Leadership & Org Consulting at Raines. With more than 13 years’ experience as an executive assessor and coach, team mediator, and diversity, equity, and inclusion facilitator, her work has taken her across North America, Europe, and Asia. She holds a PhD and MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. To discuss how to most effectively assess and develop your leaders and teams, contact Kristin at