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Raines’ Retail practice works with leaders who bring innovative approaches to the customer experience and an ability to adapt to the everchanging retail landscape. As customers continue to change how, where, and why they shop, it’s more important than ever to ensure leaders can quickly respond to the latest trends and the effect of continuing economic uncertainty on consumer spending.

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As today’s retail companies look for new ways to reach their customers, whether online or in person, it’s vital they remain agile, creative, and responsive to quickly changing economic circumstances and the post-pandemic shopping environment. From big-box retailers to luxury goods, food and beverage to beauty, health, and wellness companies, Raines’ Retail Practice supports organizations of all sizes and partners closely with Raines’ Consumer Practice. We know they need outstanding leaders directing both the organization and its functional departments including merchandising, pricing, inventory, supply chain, and marketing. Raines’ Retail team is led by Joe Hartsig, a board member and multi-time Fortune 500 corporate officer and chief merchandising officer with a history of leading merchandising, marketing, and supply chain teams to success. We leverage deep industry experience to identify, develop, and retain Difference Makers® for retail organizations of all types and sizes.

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Joe Hartsig, Board Member & Fortune 500 Chief Merchandising Officer, joins Raines to lead Retail Practice

Joe Hartsig, previously chief merchandising officer at Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens and a senior merchandising executive at Walmart, is joining Raines as a Managing Director leading the Retail practice.