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What We’re Reading: January 20th Edition

Below is Raines Intel’s January 20th curation of interesting reads about business, careers, hiring and more. Send suggestions to research@rainesinternational.com. Read last week’s edition.


1. Today is the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. President, but before he takes office, Elle looked back at Michelle Obama and how her role as First Lady impacted women of color as leaders. “Michelle Obama has driven home an equally powerful message: the normalisation of women of colour as educated bosses, global leaders, profitable business owners, powerful activists and more,” Elle writes. Read “How Michelle Obama Changed the Way We See Diversity.” 


2. The New York Times‘ Robert Frank reported “women account for only 16 percent of the 1 percent, a number that has remained essentially flat over the past decade, according to a paper by three economists.” Read “Why aren’t there more female billionaires?” 


3. Marissa Mayer will leave Yahoo’s board of directors and Yahoo will change its name to Altaba Inc., after the once great internet giant sells its internet assets. Read “Marissa Mayer to Leave Yahoo Board; Yahoo to Change Name to Altaba”


4. Meanwhile at Google: Google changed some of its standard interview questions because of their difficulty. Check them out and see if they stump you. Read “Google stopped asking these 7 job interview questions because they were so tricky.” 


5. This week, Mattel hired Google’s Margaret Georgiadis to replace current CEO Christopher Sinclair, the Wall Street Journal reported. Sinclair will stay on as executive chairman. Read “Mattel Names Google Executive Margaret Georgiadis as CEO.


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