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What We’re Reading: November 25 Edition

Below is Raines Intel’s November 25 curation of interesting reads about business, careers, hiring and more. Send suggestions to Read our previous installment.

We at Raines International hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Earlier this week, we published a new piece by Pauly Rodney, Raines International Vice President and Co-Head, Diversity & Inclusion, about diversity in advertising. Read “The Approaching Wave: The Companies That Will Force Ad Agencies to Embrace Diversity.”

2. The Financial Times looked at the small number of women in the C-suite and possible ways to increase that representation. “Financial Times research published this year showed that, of the 95 chief executives of the FT 500 that hold an MBA from one of the FT’s ranked schools, only four are women,” the Financial Times reported.

Read “Can business schools propel women to the C-suite?

3. At Entrepreneur, Pickaweb CEO/co-founder Tony Messer looked at ways to best utilize LinkedIn. “To help you cut through the noise and the time wasters, here are three key strategies to focus on — becoming an authority, identifying partnerships and generating leads. Just doing these three things will give you the focus you need to start getting real business results from LinkedIn,” Messer wrote.

Read “3 Strategies for Maximizing Your Potential on LinkedIn.”

4. Leonore Tiefer looked at how Princeton and other top U.S. universities became co-ed. Tenore’s Wall Street Journal article discussed Nancy Weiss Malkiel’s book, “Keep the Damned Women Out,” about the culture shifts that led to the change.  Read “How the Quad Went Coed.

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