Lisa Mann Quote for Ad Age

Ad Age: Marketers Key to Creative Recruitment Strategies Amid Labor Shortage

Raines’ Managing Director and CMO, Lisa Mann was recently quoted in an Ad Age article, How Brands Are Recruiting Creatively Amid Labor Shortage. The article addresses the current labor shortage and the way that marketing departments are teaming up with human resources to tackle it. Lisa shared her perspective on the current state of the labor market as well as the changing expectations of those looking for work, including a desire to work for purpose-driven organizations.

See an excerpt of the article below, and read the full version as published by Ad Age here. Please note the full article is behind a paywall.

People want to be very satisfied at their job—well compensated, but almost more important than compensation is they want to feel their work is meaningful and has purpose,” says Mann. “A lot of companies emerging are in purpose or mission-driven spaces so they’re attracting talent and that’s creating this whole flywheel of needing more talent.”

AdAge, August 2021

Recruiting creatively, including highlighting the organization’s mission, are key ways to stand out right now given the current high level of activity in the job market. Lisa noted “At every level, there is enormous activity. There are people resigning, there are jobs being posted, there are searches commenced for senior leaders or mid-level across the board…The velocity of change in business in talent is speeding up and you have to be prepared to move quickly.”

Lisa Mann is Raines’ Chief Marketing Officer and the Managing Director for Raines’ Consumer practice. Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the CPG industry including as the former Global President of the $7B PepsiCo Global Nutrition Category and EVP and CMO of KIND Healthy Snacks. For more information on finding the right leader for your organization, reach out to Lisa Mann at