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Forbes: Virtual Interview Tips for Candidates and Companies

While many organizations hope to eventually return to pre-pandemic workplace practices, leaders are also planning to continue the use of new tools and techniques adopted during the past 18 months. One major example of this is virtual interviewing. Raines’ Lisa Mann shared her perspective on the continued use of virtual interviews, as well as video interview tips for both organizations and individuals. Lisa emphasizes the importance of creating an equitable interview process that recognizes the different situations and environments that potential employees may have.

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Tip #2: Try to level the playing field. If you interview one candidate by phone, another by video and a third in person, you may evaluate them differently. Since it may be hard to interview candidates in the same format, standardize as much of the interview process as you can to help mitigate bias. For instance, proximity bias favors those closest to you, i.e., in-person interviewees. Here are some suggestions:

• Develop structured interview questions that are pre-set and pre-ordered for all interviewees to ensure a more equitable process.

• Create clear, consistent rating scales the whole interview team can use to score interviewees, their qualifications and their answers.

• Make sure any information, be it positive or negative, is backed by objective information. Don’t just say the interviewee seemed bored; explain that the interviewee was constantly looking at their watch or needed you to repeat questions.

Forbes, Five Tips For Virtual Interviews: How Zoom Changes Hiring – August 2021

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Lisa Mann is Raines’ Chief Marketing Officer and the Managing Director for Raines’ Consumer practice. Lisa has over 25 years in the CPG industry including as the former Global President of the $7B PepsiCo Global Nutrition Category and EVP and CMO of KIND Healthy Snacks. For more information on finding the right leader for your organization, reach out to Lisa Mann at