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The CHRO and other Human Resources leaders are essential drivers of company strategy, overseeing arguably the most valuable resource a company has – its people. Raines’ Human Resources Officers practice identifies and places business partners who understand how to drive change through talent to achieve measurable results.

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In a world of increasing complexity and rapid, unrelenting change, a company is defined by its people. Today’s focus on talent has made Human Resources, and the Chief Human Resources Officer, roles of the utmost importance. As a key director of company strategy, the CHRO requires holistic business executives with a human capital lens to expertly shape, manage, and inspire a company’s workforce. From innovations in compensation, benefits, and rewards structures to implementing new people analytics and organizational design strategies, Human Resources creates the environments to maximize employee output toward broader business goals. At Raines, we work with a wide range of companies to identify the best human capital leaders for their specific organization and situation. We are committed to identifying and supporting the most exceptional executive for that opportunity through our robust network and offerings.

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Four Takeaways From AESC’s Chief Diversity Officer Panel Discussion

From looking at the DEI function through the lens of pre- and post-George Floyd, to advocating for data tracking to strengthen DEI, panelists gave examples from their research, professional experiences, and backgrounds to help participants hold organizations accountable and empower employees. The panelists were Molly Q. Ford, Vice President of Global Equality Programs at Salesforce, Erika McConduit, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Centene Corporation, Salvador Mendoza, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

AESC Panel
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chief people officer article

Is Your Chief People Officer Keeping Up? The Ever-Changing People Function

To understand the complexities and possibilities of the People function today, one must consider the context: workforce changes in makeup and mobility, technological advances with artificial intelligence and automation, a volatile and ever-changing competitive landscape, heightened consumer expectations, and a market more sensitive to a company’s impact on society at large. Businesses today largely accept that they are living in the widely referenced VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, complete with a crushing pace of change.