Lisa Mann speaks at Ad Age panel on ‘What Makes a Modern CMO’

Raines’ Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Mann spoke at Ad Age‘s Ad Age Next: CMO in early December. Lisa was part of the discussion “What makes a modern CMO?” which Ad Age described as:

“The nation’s top CMO headhunters convene for a roundtable on the top trends affecting marketing executives. From job search strategies to how to position yourself for a promotion, they offer practical tips on career advancement”

Lisa pointed to Raines’ recent research on the Chief Marketing Officer role, which found only 44% of Global CMOs for Fortune 250 companies sit in the C-suite and half of the CMOs appointed in the last year come from non-traditional marketing backgrounds.

At Ad Age, Lisa also commented about trends she has seen in her searches for Chief Marketing Officers.

“Often we’re seeing this role customized to the company. Every CMO isn’t the same, and even if they have multiple titles or there’s a Chief Brand or Chief Marketing Officer, we’re seeing personalization by company is becoming more and more frequent. What this means for the industry is that it’s hard to move around or that it would impact your ability to move around because not every company is structuring the role in the same way. They’re often structuring it around a person with their capabilities, and then the needs of the company at that time.”

Lisa added:

“I’m asked by Fortune 100 and by Private Equity portfolio companies for people with experience from CMO positions in a big company, legacy experience first, but then experience at a smaller, emerging, more agile company. I find that’s a big topic with every search.”

Lisa Mann is Raines’ Chief Marketing Officer and the Managing Director for Raines’ Consumer practice. Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the CPG industry including as the former Global President of the $7B PepsiCo Global Nutrition Category and EVP and CMO of KIND Healthy Snacks. To discuss how to build your organization and its marketing leadership, reach out to Lisa Mann at