Private Equity Talent Development Opportunities: New White Paper from Raines’ Advisory: Leadership & Org Consulting

Raines’ Advisory team released a new white paper examining Private Equity portfolio company CEO development and senior leadership team roles.

Advisory co-leads Alison Hunter and Kristin Mann surveyed two dozen mid-cap and large-cap Private Equity partners to learn more about their portfolio company CEO development and senior leadership. Coupled with insights from Raines’ executive search and advisory teams, they present best practices and recommendations for maximizing value and impact from portfolio company leadership to allow more confident decision-making and optimal team utilization.

While several surprising insights emerged from the data, the key takeaway is this: the lack of clear ownership for CEO development presents an incredible opportunity for firms to support CEO development and leadership alignment to meet and exceed the investment thesis. Within their portfolios, PE firms should have a more consistent practice of supporting and nurturing CEO development and alignment of the senior company team leaders.

Some key findings:

  • 59% say the Board owns portfolio company CEO development
  • 95% list coaching as a top tool for development
  • 56% rank the CMO/Go-to-Market leader as the most important role after the CEO for realizing the investment thesis

Click here to request a free copy of the white paper and contact the Advisory team to discuss further.

Alison Hunter is a Senior Vice President, Advisory: Leadership & Org Consulting. She focuses on executive assessment, senior team alignment, and coaching, and has led executive assessments for selection, internal succession planning, and development for CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, and other C-Suite and senior leaders. Alison has an MBA from Columbia University and previously spent seven years in executive search focusing on Private Equity, People, and Strategy assignments.

Kristin Mann is a Senior Vice President, Advisory: Leadership & Org Consulting. As an executive
and coach, team mediator, and diversity, equity, and inclusion facilitator, her work has
taken her across North America, Europe, and Asia. Kristin has a PhD and Master’s in Industrial &
Organizational Psychology from DePaul University and has spent 13 years working in leadership