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Raines’ Lisa Mann on AdWeek’s Brave Commerce podcast about talent, soft skills, mitigating bias, & 3 tips for interviewing

AdWeek’s Brave Commerce podcast, hosted by MikMak founder and CEO Rachel Tipograph and Profitero president Sarah Hofstetter, featured Raines’ Managing Director and CMO Lisa Mann in its recent episode.

Lisa talked about how interviewers can mitigate bias in the hiring process, as well as the importance of soft skills in the C-suite, and offered three tips for interviewees.

  • “Know what your top three things are. You’re just like a product. What are the reasons to believe? What are the three reasons someone should hire you?
  • “Be prepared. Know about your interviewer, know about the company..
  • Come with numbers. I walked into this revenue and EBIDTA, by doing x,y, and z; I left this role at this revenue and EBIDTA. Make it easier for the interviewer to fall in love with you.”

Lisa also commented on the talent ecosystem:

“So many companies have taken a look around and said my goodness, I don’t have the talent that has the agility to work in this craziness — things aren’t settling down between inflation, socioeconomic, political, there are so many issues surrounding us, brittle supply chain, you can go on and on. A lot of people are assessing ‘Do I have the right talent?'”

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Lisa Mann is Raines’ Chief Marketing Officer and the Managing Director for Raines’ Consumer Practice. Lisa has over 25 years of experience in the CPG industry including as the former Global President of the $7B PepsiCo Global Nutrition Category and EVP and CMO of KIND Healthy Snacks. To discuss how to build your organization and its leadership, reach out to Lisa Mann at